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I Don’t Like The Alt-Right And I Never Have

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They don’t like me either, and I’m glad. They stink, and I’ve always said so. Here, I’ll prove it.

I tweet way too much, so I might as well get some use out of it. Here’s a selection of my reaction to these alt-right morons, starting from the first time I heard about them in the spring of 2016:

Other than that, I haven’t really had much to say about these alt-right pinheads.

All that Pepe stuff, and “Ha ha, let’s troll the normies by making OK signs,” and all that nonsense? Ugh. You can shove it. It’s always creeped me out, even before the alt-right started racking up a body count. I want nothing to do with any of you.

I don’t like Antifa because they’re violent thugs. That doesn’t mean I like the guys they’re attacking. And vice versa. Since when are we expected to choose between two tiny groups of equally repellent lunatics?

Since 2017, apparently.

If you’ve read all the way down to the bottom of this post and you’re angry with me right now, I’ve just got one word for ya: