Texas Linemen Gets Surprise Scholarship After Magic Trick

(Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

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Garrett Graf, a senior walk-on at the University of Texas at Austin, has just earned a scholarship. The team was having a meeting to get ready for the upcoming season, when coach Tom Herman asked magician Robby Bennett  to help out with the surprise.

The magician pulled something out of his hat and it was Graf’s scholarship. Graf is overcome with emotion as he is swarmed by his teammates.

Graf is surrounded by his teammates and says he will work hard and not let them down as he holds back tears. Later in the video he can be seen calling his family and still overcome with emotion as he tells his family the news.

“So happy for Garrett Graf. Well deserved honor for a great teammate,” Herman wrote on his Twitter account.

Many players from many different teams have been getting scholarships as the start of the season nears, but this one might top them all.

Coach Tom Herman posted the video to his Twitter account and you can watch it below.

(Try not to cry)