Kentucky Town Offers To Take Confederate Statues From ‘Whiny Babies’


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Residents from a Kentucky town that took a Confederate statue Louisville no longer wanted in 2016, offered to take more statues from “whiny babies” in a Monday article.

“Anybody else who wants to throw out their statues, we’ll take those, too,” said Diane Reichle, a Brandenburg resident who lives a quarter-mile from the 100-ton, 70-foot tall Confederate memorial, to The Washington Post. “I hope we get all of them.”

Brandenburg, Ky,. took a Confederate statue from Louisville speakers who wanted it “obliterated” or dropped in a river.

“People who want these statues removed, they’re a bunch of whiny babies,” said resident Johnnie Hayes. “If you’re offended, don’t go look at it. I didn’t like President Obama, but I didn’t go out and riot and protest.”

Brandenburg’s Confederate memorial reads “Tribute to the rank and file of the Armies of the South” and depicts three Confederate soldiers with rifles, ramrods, and swords. (RELATED: Statue Of Slave Emancipator Abraham Lincoln Burned In Chicago)

“To me, the people that want to move their monuments, it’s just a lot of drama,” said Gerry Lynn, the judge executive of Meade County, in which Brandenburg resides. “There are a lot of small, peaceful communities that wouldn’t mind having a tribute to veterans from the war.”

A black resident reported that she no longer visited the monument because it separated citizens and represented dark times. After the Charlottesville rally, she asked Lynn what the town would do if white supremacists visited Brandenburg.

“Don’t worry, we’re not going to let people come down there and throw a fit and have Confederate flags and call names,” Lynn told her. The judge executive remarked that the Confederacy was about much more than just slavery.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to the mayor of Brandenburg’s office, but received no comment in time for press.

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