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Morning Mirror: Journos Mock Trump For Looking At The Sun

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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“I know it’s all in my head, I know it, but I could swear my eyes hurt now. …Pretty worth it though.” 

Alana Wise, airlines correspondent, Reuters.














Los Angeles Times gets a MAJOR facelift

Top editors are “ousted” as a brand new publisher and chief exec and editor step up to replace them. The newbies at the paper are Ross Levinsohn and Jim Kirk.

Get this…Levinsohn is an avid reader. That’s a good start. See here.

“The @latimes masthead clear out in sweeping shakeup of newsroom management. , , , Matt Doig fired.” — Ben Welsh, editor, LAT.

Breitbart editor says Breitbart News is a weapon for the White House 

“Raheem Kassam: ‘I think Breitbart has always been a weapon. It’s a weapon for the American people. It’s a weapon for the White House.'” — MediaBuzzFNC.

Travel Bitches: A complaint for JetBlue 

“Take off an hour late. Now no gates available at DCA and we have to sit on the tarmac for 30-40 minutes. @JetBlue not your best work.” — Allison Preiss, managing director of communications, American Progress.

Journo refuses request to go shirtless

“Nahhhhhhhh son.” — IJR senior editor Jason Howerton, replying to a male follower who wanted him to remove his shirt.

Two minutes without President Trump 

“That was an amazing event. For close to two minutes, people weren’t talking about Donald Trump.” — Hemant Mehta, founder of

President Trump gets a warning about looking at the sun

Ted Mann is a reporter for WSJ.

How the NYT celebrates the eclipse

“Now the newsroom is all watching through the Lorenzo Piano glass listening to Total Eclipse of the Heart on my iPhone loudspeaker.” — Sarah Maslin Nir, reporter, NYT.

A weird side effect of the eclipse: People in D.C. talk to each other 

“Nicest side effect of #SolarEclipse? Total strangers going up to each other on #DC streets, sharing their glasses & enjoying it together.” — Fox5’s Tom Fitzgerald.

Is Bill Kristol losing it? 

Journo defends Trump’s eclipse behavior

“Now pile onto Trump b/c he took a glance at the eclipse without the glasses on. Grow the fuck up. Did he stare for like 5 minutes? NO.” — Mary Chastain, contributor, The Hill, Legal Insurrection.

AG Sessions wins most adorable award

CNN’s Ana Navarro refuses to enjoy the eclipse

“Guys, I’m having a really hard time caring about this eclipse thing. Too worried about broken state of our nation and #PresidentLoco.” — Ana Navarro, political analyst, CNN.

The Observer

“Agreed that Goldman Sachs is evil, and that Gary Cohn should take the GS stench from the WH. Dina Powell can leave with him, too.” — Mike Cernovich, conservative media personality, men’s empowerment blogger.

Speaker Ryan’s challenger gets the nod from Michelle Malkin 

Republican Paul Nehlen is getting the support of conservative blogger and commentator Michelle Malkin.

And, of course, this isn’t journalism.

“It is an honor to have Michelle Malkin’s strong support in the effort to hold Paul Ryan and the GOP-led Congress accountable to their campaign promises,” Nehlen said in a release. “She is a true warrior for President Trump’s America First agenda of bringing jobs back to the U.S. and stopping the flow of illegal immigrants across our border.”

Trump marches to his own drum no matter the consequences

Brandon Ambrosino works for the BBC.