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Whoopi Wears The Ugliest Jacket She Could Possibly Find

Screenshot ABC.

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger

ABC “The View’s” co-host Whoopi Goldberg is known for dressing badly.

But on Tuesday she went out of her way to visually offend viewers by wearing this eyesore of a windbreaker.

One might say she’s wearing the world on her sleeve.

A warning: You may need your eclipse glasses for this one.

This is not the first time Whoopi has been called out for her frightful frocks. In 2012, Us Weekly gave her a lifetime achievement award for the badly dressed with “Oscars Worst Dressed Of All Time” for wearing a purple princess gown with a lime green under-skirt and paisley pants in 1993. E! also noticed how “bright” she was at that event and placed her on their worst ever Oscar list.

Get a glimpse of her horrid dress here.

Another site,, has also called Whoopi on the carpet for her “sloppy” loungewear that makes her look like she’s “getting ready for bed.” They call her style “anti-fashion.”

Which is probably being generous.

Even after ripping her wardrobe, the writer stresses that no one should impose her fashion rules on “The View” co-host. “Dress how you want to dress and let her enjoy the same freedom,” writes Antonio Maurice Daniels. “…Let Whoopi simply be Whoopi.”

Note to readers: I was informed that this episode is from May. Regardless, says the Twitter personality known as Fox News Fan, “The jacket is hideous.”