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Morning Mirror: Roger Stone Calls Charles Johnson A ‘Dipsh*t’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“…There are great Americans deeply concerned about a changing nation. God forbid one buys Trump’s mad rant and takes action…is just plain wrong. I worked w/ reporters like Daniel Pearl who died a gruesome death seeking truth; scores die yearly exposing facts…”

Jim VandeHei, CEO, co-founder, Axios, reacts to President Trump‘s speech in Phoenix











Kurt Eichenwald gets outraged about something: Part IIVXI

“Jesus, they’re even inhuman 2 their own. of conserv slams Barron Trump 4 his clothes. FORD! Kids are OFF LIMITS!” — Kurt Eichenwald, contributing editor, Vanity Fair.

The story Eichenwald was so enraged about involved Barron Trump‘s attire. It was a tweak on the boy’s wardrobe and not the all out vicious attack various journalists like Eichenwald and Chelsea Clinton are making it out to be. Trump is a no rules president. There is no real reason why reporters must follow the antiquated rule of not covering the first children. This story was hardly paparazzi-style coverage of a child.

WaPo gives Trump 4 Pinocchios 

“We gave Trump 4 Pinocchios for saying he has done ‘far more than anyone’ for ‘inner cities’ & race relations.” — Michelle Ye Hee Lee, reporter, The Fact Checker, WaPo.

Journos catch Trump in a lie as the cameras roll 

“Trump says CNN doesn’t want people to watch him & that camera crews are turning their lights off. We are watching him say all this on CNN.” — Josh Dawsey, White House correspondent, Politico.

Meanwhile… ‘CNN SUCKS’ 

“LMAO. Trump got thousands of people saying ‘CNN sucks!’ #PhoenixRally” — Kristin Tate, contributor, The Hill.

Observers continue to question Trump’s mental health  

“Maybe I haven’t watched a Trump rally in a while, but this feels crazy like hide under my pillow crazy.” — Jen Psaki, CNN contributor, former White House Comms Director.

“Trying to be fair here. Honest question. He’s insane, right?” — Andy Lassner, executive producer, “The Ellen Show.”

“So, does anyone need anymore proof that real the Trump is this unscripted, thin skinned, obstinate ranter with a deranged view of reality?” — Tara Setmayer, ABC News political contributor.

Gateway Pundit kisses the President’s ass 

“AMAZING! @POTUS Trump kills it in AZ. He was finished a week ago. Tonight he delivered his BEST SPEECH ever! Truly a STUNNING PERFORMANCE!” — Jim Hoft, who occasionally produces incredibly fake news. Like this recent idiotic story.

MSNBC protects grownups from Trump’s Phoenix speech

“MSNBC is studiously NOT carrying Trump’s rally in toto. @Lawrence says he has a responsibility to shield viewers from ‘lies.'” — Lydia Polgreen, EIC, HuffPost.

Something else about Trump’s speech…

“Journalist pro-tip: Find John Kelly at the bar after this.” — David Corn, Washington Bureau Chief, Mother Jones.

Lena Dunham has rosacea 

Pret-a-Reporter hilariously calls it Dunham’s “battle” with rosacea.

You’ll see a picture of her face here.

Comedian Chelsea Handler still hates Trump 

“Captain Dummy has another rally tonight. Let’s see if he can avoid supporting neo-nazis, white supremacists, or police brutality. #fucktard.” — Chelsea Handler, Netflix.

Reporter develops creative method to delay deadline 

“Sometimes on deadline I’ll initiate a conversation with an editor to discuss the story to make it seem like I’m closer to filing than I am. It’s mostly a form of self deception. Anyway, this speech was sort of like that.” — Olivia Nuzzi, New York Mag.

Reporter dispels notion that the Secret Service hates Trump 

“1. Seeing tweets that Trump’s Secret Service detail hates him because he’s rude. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s just not true. 2. Trump’s detail finds him to be very respectful/kind and they’re very happy serving on his shift. I know people don’t want to believe that.” — Yashar Ali, freelancer for HuffPost and New York Mag.

So here’s Piers Morgan dancing on vacation. See here.

This guy’s going to the New York Times 

“Well, the cat is out of the bag!” — Ben Casselman of FiveThirtyEight.

Fox News Chief Political Correspondent Carl Cameron is retiring 

Cameron joined FNC in 1996. He’s 55-years-old.

Roger Stone bashes GotNews EIC Charles C. Johnson 

“Charles Johnson is a dipshit who’s [sic] lies hurt the movement.” — Roger Stone, a Trump enthusiast and author.

Johnson snapped back, “Time to take the keys from grandpa.”

Trump supporter acts like an idiot at the rally 

“A Trump supporter is harassing foreign rprtrs for not standing during pledge. ‘What country are you from that you can’t stand?'” — Evan McMorris-Santoro, VICE News correspondent.

Just another random Tuesday in Washington 

 “@SecretService and @DCPoliceDept have cleared the unattended package near the north fence line of the @WhiteHouse Complex” — U.S. Secret Service.

Sean Hannity lets viewers decide he isn’t needed to emcee Trump’s speech 

“Quick question to all twitter friends Would you prefer on Hannity 10 est to only carry speech? Or speech/small screen protestors? Ok, wow. Twitter has spoken. Speech only, unless God forbid news outside. Will only speech/small screen if news. Fair??” — Sean Hannity, Fox News host.

Sports radio reporter brags about his ‘sub-opitmal’ hairdo

Clay Travis works for Fox Sports Radio.

NRATV journo is enjoying his tomatoes

ESPN yanks Asian reporter from Virginia football game because his name is Robert E. Lee

Tim Alberta is a reporter for Politico Magazine.