Stelter: ‘I Feel Uncomfortable’ Questioning Trump’s Fitness [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN’s Brian Stelter claimed Wednesday that he “feels uncomfortable” questioning Trump’s mental fitness.

Of course, Stelter proceeded to question Trump’s fitness anyway, arguing “that’s where we’re at.”

“It’s very uncomfortable to talk about. I feel uncomfortable sitting here talking about the president’s mental health, about his fitness for office,” he said. “But that’s where we’re at. And let’s be honest, our viewers are asking those same questions.”

“The president’s performance on that stage [in Arizona] just reinforces those questions,” Stelter asserted.

Stelter has also repeatedly brought up the question of Trump’s fitness on his own show, “Reliable Sources.”

For example, Douglas Brinkley, a guest on the show in late July, said “Um, it’s in utter disarray and you can’t really compartmentalize everything because it’s all morphed together as Donald Trump unfit for command in my opinion.” (RELATED: We Watch CNN Brian Stelter’s Stupid Show So You Don’t Have To)

“You said he’s — let me be clear — you say he’s unfit for command?” Stelter reiterated at the time.

On August 20, Stelter brought up the topic again, asserting that people were questioning Trump’s fitness off the air. (RELATED: We Watch CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources’ So You Don’t Have To (8/20)) 

Stelter described the fitness question as one of those “questions that often feel–out of bounds. Off limits. Too hot for TV,” before asking the question himself anyway.

He sure seems “uncomfortable” talking about that subject, though.


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