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Daily Vaper: Stentorian AT-7 100W Box Mod Review

YouTube screenshot/VapnFagan

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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Stentorian’s AT-7 box mod has a maximum output of 100 watts. It is powered by a massive built-in 3500mAh battery. This mod has seven different types of security protections to guarantee safe vaping. Just by glancing at the physical structure of this device, you know there is something unique about it. It doesn’t look like a typical vaping device whatsoever. What is so different about it?

The video reviewer displays the AT-7 up close. Most of the outer construction is clear, so you can see the internal mechanisms of the mod. It was designed to look like the device is “water cooled.” But that’s just for show; it is not water cooled. All the components that you can see on the inside are “fake.” There are multiple color lights on the inside that indicate battery life. He demonstrates that a 25mm tank will sit flush atop this mod. Anything greater than 25mm will have overhang.  Overall, he gives positive points for originality of the physical structure and the long fire button that runs down the whole side of the mod. It is a solid device, with no rattle and an abundance of safety features. On a negative note, he would have liked to see larger tanks fit on top. He observes that it might be under-powered in wattage mode. The fire button makes a loud sound when pressed.

Stentorian AT-7 100W Box Mod on sale for $84.99

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