Has Rory McIlroy Become The Softest Player In Golf?

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Jena Greene Reporter
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In a recent interview, Rory McIlroy revealed he spent his $10 million winnings from the FedEx Cup in a civilized manner.

When asked
where his money would go, he disclosed:

Had a wedding to pay for. We’re just renovating a house, so that’s going to take up a bit of that, as well. Wouldn’t mind winning it again.

It’s nice to have it. Yeah, I didn’t treat myself to anything, really. I think that’s because I’ve got an influence in my life now, which is my wife, who would be a little more cautious with money than I would be. It’s nice to have that yin and yang a little bit. Nothing so far. We just bought a new home in Florida and we are just starting to renovate it. That will take out a chunk of it.

He didn’t treat himself to anything? After winning nearly quadruple the amount you win at the Masters? He’s spending all of his hard won earnings on a wedding and a house?

I think it’s safe to say Rory has gone soft.

Remember last summer, when he pulled out of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio because he was afraid of a few mosquitos?

Technically it was because the Zika virus was running rampant in the Southern Hemisphere but still.

And then there was that pretty public Twitter feud between Rory and former PGA golfer Steve Elkington.

Elkington sent out a tweet two months ago suggesting that Rory didn’t make it into the US Open because he’s probably gotten bored with golf since Tiger left.

But Rory quickly fought back:

Since the whole feud was pretty public, Rory expressed remorse for schooling Elkington and had his wife actually lock him out of his own Twitter account.

It’s tough to see a golf champion get chased around by his wife with his own clubs.

Too soon?