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FASHION PATROL: WTF Is NYT’s Glenn Thrush Wearing?


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Burnt orange Chinos. Shiny red leather shoe boots. A plaid orange tie.

That’s a lot of fashion for one male Washington journalist.

In a nod to sartorial strangeness, NYT reporter Glenn Thrush and coworker Ken Vogel — yes, Glenn and Ken — are showing off their passion for shopping together — and plaid.

















Thrush is doing his part to steer clear of the pages of Men’s Vogue.

Vogel, meanwhile, is wearing disturbing Benny Johnson-esque American flag socks while he’s clearly trying to show up Thrush’s guitar socks in his high water pants.

“They’re wearing socks?” asked Mirror fashion consultant Skittles Malone (whose fashion wisdom is expressed through an invented name). “Thrush is all pants. Vogel’s all package. Very distracting, indeed.”

Another Mirror fashion consultant, Pepper St. Laurent, has no issue with either gentleman’s attire or packages.

“I like both of these outfits because they’re fun and the proportions work for their frames,” says St. Laurent (also a faux fashion name). “Like if Glenn’s outfit was on the Jeremy Scott runway nobody would say anything.”

Thrush tops off his complex ensemble with his quintessential Fedora.

Let’s just hope when he goes on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” Chris Matthews lets him lay on top of the desk.