This Tweet Is A Blunt Reminder Of Bret Bielema’s Fall From Grace

Bret Bielema (Credit: Getty Images/Wesley Hitt)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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A single tweet Friday morning showed exactly how far and hard Arkansas football coach Bret Bielema has fallen from grace.

Bielema’s smoke show wife Jen famously tweeted “#Karma” following a 2013 loss from the Wisconsin Badgers to Arizona State. Well, Bielema has had a rough ride since leaving Madison, and college football expert Brett McMurphy summed it up nicely.

“Since Jen Bielema tweeted #karma on this day in 2013 after Wisconsin’s wild loss at Arizona State; Wisconsin is 41-12, Arkansas is 23-27,” he tweeted.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a tweet that has ever made me happier. I remember exactly where I was on the night Jen tweeted that dumb remark.

I was about 30 beers deep watching the game at my buddy’s apartment with a group of friends. We had a yearly tradition in college to drink from the first kickoff until the final game was over on the first Saturday of college football. It always ended with us being plastered. So I’m sure you can imagine my frustrations as a drunk David Hookstead had to watch Jen Bielema rub a loss in our face after her husband cut ties and ran for a quick pay day in the SEC. Lets also not forget the Badgers got screwed in that game.

Well, it certainly looks like the the tables have turned. The Wisconsin Badgers have played incredibly well since Bielema left. As for Arkansas? Well, we all know how that stories been going and how it’s mostly likely going to end.

It’s also always nice to see Bielema is still one of the pettiest people on the planet.

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