Nevada High School Football Game Ends In Wild Melee [VIDEO]

Football (Credit: Shutterstock)

Matt Candler Contributor

It was an ugly scene following a Las Vegas-area high school football game Friday night.

Right when the game ended between Canyon Springs and Basic, an on-field brawl started between players, forcing police to use pepper spray to break it up.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the majority of the pepper spray hit players and coaches of Canyon Springs, although one member of the Basic staff was also hit. Officers of the Clark County School District, along with Henderson Police, waited 30 seconds prior to taking action.

You can check out the chaos here:

The hostility started way before the clock struck zero, as 35 penalties were called (most were after-the-play unsportsmanlike conduct fouls), and four players were ejected in the 2nd half alone.

Officers remained on the field for 20 minutes, as coaches tried to usher their players onto the buses.

All coaches denied interviews. No word on if any arrests were made.