The Mooch Drops A Bomb About Ivanka and Tom Brady’s Dating History

Jena Greene Reporter
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Anthony Scaramucci is back at it again, and this time it involves Tom Brady’s love life.

First, a congratulations to him on yet another stellar performance on live TV last night. He went on TMZ Live to talk football, porn scandals, and O.J. Simpson. You know, just guy stuff.

On the topic of football, Scaramucci spoke more specifically about Tom Brady and why he didn’t visit the White House after winning the Superbowl last year. Bob Kraft, Bill Belichick, and Donald Trump all reportedly have a great relationship. Trump even has a Patriots Superbowl ring as a part of his Presidential Library.

Why didn’t Tom Brady go to the White House then?

The Mooch kind of danced around the question for a minute then teased some insider info he might have.

“I just think that [Gisele] is possessive of him and they probably have a great relationship and she probably didn’t want him there.”

When TMZ’s Harvey Levin pressed The Mooch on why exactly Gisele didn’t want the GOAT there, he shrugged, saying “I don’t know, maybe there was a relationship there between him and Ivanka at some point.”

And Harvey – dazed and confused by The Mooch’s theatrics at this point – asks why he brought up Ivanka specifically.

I think we all know why. Back in 2004, Donald Trump hinted that Tom Brady and his daughter would be “a great combination.”

Perhaps there’s more to this story than just Scaramucci’s speculation.