Does GOP Immigration Bill End Chain Migration? Maybe Not

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Republican Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma gave talking points on his proposed immigration bill instead of outright explaining how it would stop chain migration during an interview on “Fox and Friends” Wednesday.

Host Brian Kilmeade asked Lankford how his bill would help limit chain migration, and the GOP senator dodged the question.

“We outline that there’s no special privileges that come to any family member during this 15 year time period that they go through,” Lankford said. “If they are committed to America, which many of these students are, then they go through naturalization. At that point they could apply for their parents. If their parents are already here, their parents have to return to their home country for 10 years before they can apply, because if they’ve been in this country for more than a year their ineligible to be able to have a quick citizenship connection.”

Lankford believes children of illegal immigrants can’t be held responsible for being brought to America and said his plan allows them to become American citizens within 15 years.

“We take the kids that are here that have been here often for a very long, they came in as kids, and we say to them if you’re eligible for this program you have to apply. Background checks, pay taxes, have proved that you’re in school or graduated from high school That you have a job or you’re joining the United States military. Then you earn the ability to have a five year waiver,” he said.

Candidates have to go through another check-in five years later when they can obtain a green card and after five more years of having a green card, they are eligible to become full citizens.

“We’re not trying to incentivize future illegal immigration. We are trying to stop future illegal immigration,” Lankford added.

Kilmeade said Trump tweeted that chain migration cannot be allowed into any immigration legislation, and asked if the White House was on board with Lankford’s plan.

“The president and I had a very long phone conversation about two weeks ago where I walked through the details of this bill, what we’re proposing. He said that is exactly what I’m looking for on it. But it’s got to be partnered with larger border security, border control, interior enforcement visa, we absolutely agree with that as well,” Lankford concluded.

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