Seth Meyers Blasts Trump For Being The ‘Last Responder’ To Puerto Rico

(Photo credit: screenshot/YouTube 'Late Night with Seth Meyers)

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Seth Meyers was among several late-night comedians to go after Trump on Tuesday night, but the “Late Night with Seth Meyers” host specifically targeted POTUS’ late response to the tragedy in Puerto Rico.

Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico Wednesday of last week and the island remains is currently devastated. On Tuesday, Trump announced that he would be visiting Puerto Rico to survey the damage, but apparently it’s too little too late for Seth Meyers.

“Puerto Rico is in the midst of an epic humanitarian crisis after being struck by Hurricane Maria. Most of the island is without electricity or clean drinking water. People are desperate and terrified and the situation is only going to get worse in the coming days and weeks. So naturally, President Trump tweeted last night that Puerto Rico has an old electrical grid which was in terrible shape and that they owe money to Wall Street and the banks, which, sadly must be dealt with.”

“Don’t go after Puerto Rico for their financial problems NOW,” Meyers continued. “Victims of tragedy aren’t looking for real talk. You don’t start a eulogy by saying, ‘well, the guy never exercised,'” he joked.

“And hey, weren’t you the guy who was gonna put Americans before Wall Street? You couldn’t even do that in a tweet. People don’t have clean drinking water and your first instinct is to tell them they owe money. What are you some kind of sh*tty landlord? Oh, right you were a sh*tty landlord.”

“And hey, it took you a full week before you even sent someone to check out the situation. For a guy with such a crooked little boner for first responders you sure are the last responder. You’re like the guy who says he’ll help his friend move and just shows up at the end for pizza.”

Meyers didn’t offer any details of what he’s doing to help with the relief effort in Puerto Rico, but he did not hold back on criticizing the president for his response.