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Afternoon Mirror: Hef Dies. Journos React.

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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“When will the human race perfect the coffee lid so that it does not leak?”

Oliver Darcy, media writer, CNN.

Hef dies. Journos react. 

“Why are people celebrating Hugh Hefner? The guy was a predatory sagging pile of flesh.” — Peter Hasson, associate editor, The Daily Caller.

“Hefner was a brilliant marketer who convinced a lot of silly people that prurience and hedonism defined refinement and success.” — Jonah Goldberg, NationalReviewOnline.

“RIP to the legendary Hugh Hefner! I’m so honored to have been a part of the Playboy team! You will be greatly missed! Love you Hef! Xoxo.” — Kim Kardashian West.

“Please can we not galaxy brain woke take Hugh Hefner, he was basically a sentient 4+ hour Viagra erection in a robe.” — Gabriella Paiella, New York Mag.

“CNN pretended to be gobsmacked over a guest saying the word “boobs.” Two weeks later, it gushed about Hugh Hefner.” — Sean Davis, co-founder, The Federalist.

“After these Hefner obits, we need a federal law forbidding the adverb ‘scantily’ and the adjective “clad” from ever being joined again.” — Michael Dougherty, senior editor, National Review.

“Hefner had an exceptionally narrow conception of female beauty, as fixed as Barbie dolls. That’s what made his pornography banal.” — Jeet Heer, senior editor, The New Republic.

CNN’s Jim Acosta picks at Trump

“Trump: ‘I see so many red hats’ at Indiana tax event. Fact check: I count three.”

Dustin Giebel, formerly of Heatstreet: “Helpful reporting Jim.”

FNC’s Bret Baier calls for prayers for Charles Krauthammer 

“Charles @krauthammer is still recovering from surgery –he had some issues & remains in the hospital. He hopes to be back soon- but it may take some time. I’ve have told him & his wife how many people are pulling for & praying for him every day.” — Bret Baier, host, Fox News.

Travel Bitches

“Standing on the platform and back-to-back scheduled trains are no shows. I legit hate you @wmata.” — Christian Datoc, breaking news and engagement editor, The Daily Caller.

Tomi Lahren gives the left crap, says liberals need a ‘safe space’ 

The Left loves free speech when they use it to spit on our country but if it’s a conservative speaking..oh my god give em a safe space.

ASS KISSER: Here’s why Brian Stelter trashes Trump each week 

“Jeff Zucker, at ITRS luncheon, says Trump’s attacks against CNN have ‘not hurt the CNN brand in any way. Frankly it’s only enhanced it.'” — Brian Stelter, host of CNN’s “Reliable Sources.”

Quote taken completely out of context 

“I actually did laundry. Two days ago. It remains unfolded because I don’t wanna.” — Gene Park, social media, WaPo.

Journo Hate Mail: Sailor Ironically Takes Issue With The F-Word










Dear Betsy,
I have been wondering, knowing to whom your words would go, why you have felt it necessary to have continually punctuated your essay with “fuck, fucked,……fucking”? [sic] Having been a sailor for six years I have experienced many individuals who have defaulted to the same words you are using………., [sic] presumably because they had a limited vocabulary.  I am thinking that there must be another reason, in your case. If not, please purchase a copy of Rosett’s Thesaurus and give the illusion that you can express yourself more accurately.

CNN’s Stelter snubs Anderson Cooper in 9 p.m. coverage 

By the way, in August, Cooper’s show was #1 for the whole month in viewers. 

Keep up the good work Anderson Cooper!










Tabloid Roundup

In which I share my favorite stories from the gossip pages.







TMZ: Prince Harry as “The Royal Manny” — See here.

NYP’s Page Six: Jane Fonda has TV advice for Megan Kelly. See here.

Daily Mail: The newspaper gives Kelly a hard time for announcing that an interview with Edie Falco, which was to happen Thursday, will instead be next week. The Daily Mail said Kelly “bailed” on Falco — which is technically not true, Daily Fail. Falco appears in Law & Order: True Crime‘s program about the Menendez brothers. The paper also expressed bizarre outrage that Kelly’s show had no celebrity, which they insist is “unheard of” in Morning TV. See here.

National Enquirer: Huma Abedin is out “solo” in NYC. The mag says she’s “free at last.” See here. Perez Hilton finds a way to stomp on Rep. Steve Scalise (R) while applauding the standing o given to him in the House Chamber Thursday. “Good to see he made a full recovery! Sad to think that getting gunned down won’t change his stance on gun control. Womp womp!” he wrote. See here.