NFL Fans Boo Players Who Kneel During Ravens And Steelers Game

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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National Football League fans made it clear they are done with the players kneeling during games when they booed them Sunday in Baltimore during the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers game.

It happened, after the announcer’s voice came over the loud-speaker and explained that, “before the singing of the national anthem please join Ravens players and coaches and the entire Ravens organization to pray that we as a nation can embrace, kindness, unity, equality, and justice for all Americans.” (RELATED: NFL Ratings Tank–Worst Viewership In Nearly Two Decades)

At first fans cheered as the players walked together hand in hand onto the field. However, it was when they took a knee, fans began to boo them very loudly.

Last Sunday, players kneeled during the singing of the “Star Spangled Banner” after President Donald Trump suggested during his rally in Alabama that owners should fire players who refuse to stand for the national anthem.

This Sunday, during the first set of games only a small group of players kneeled during the anthem compared to the 180 players last week.

In addition to the Ravens, the New Orleans Saints and Jacksonville Jaguars also took a knee in unity before the anthem.