Journo Harassed By Weinstein: No Doubt Hollywood Covered Up Allegations [VIDEO]


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Lauren Sivan, a TV journalist who was sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein, said “without a doubt” Hollywood tried to cover up accusations against the mega-producer.


Sivan recounted her harassment on MSNBC Monday, explaining that she had a “wonderful conversation” with Weinstein at a dinner before he asked her to join him in the kitchen basement. Sivan says she rebuffed his attempts to kiss her, so Weinstein blocked her exit and masturbated in front of her until he ejaculated.

“If the reporting is to be believed that he’s settled at least eight times with other women–and presumably you could’ve been one of those women, you could have gone after him for some money–do you believe that a lot of Hollywood covered this up for a very long time?” MSNBC’s Chris Jansing asked Sivan.

“Without a doubt,” Sivan asserted.

“I’ve told this story by the way–I haven’t kept this a dark secret. I tell people this story when his name comes up or people ask me if I’ve ever met him,” she explained. “The general reaction is, ‘yeah, that’s Harvey.'”

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