Turns Out The Gilbert Arenas/Mia Khalifa Feud Was A Massive Troll Job

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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The internet world got played for complete fools by Mia Khalifa and Gilbert Arenas.

Arenas blowing up Khalifa for sliding into his DMs on Instagram appears to be nothing more than an attempt to promote their newly announced show “Out of Bounds.” The show will air on Complex’s YouTube channel.

Washington Post has the details of their new collaboration:

 “Out of Bounds,” a daily program scheduled to premiere Oct. 16 on Complex News’s YouTube Channel, will bring “the comments section to real life,” according to a Tuesday news release announcing the endeavor.

Arenas, the one-time Washington Wizards star, has stayed almost entirely out of traditional media since his playing career ended, instead relying on sometimes outrageous Instagram videos and comments to communicate to the public. Khalifa, who parlayed a brief dalliance with adult movies into an unexpected career as a social media star, creates regular headlines with her similarly unfiltered approach.

For Complex News, the goal was to create “an anti-sports show sports show,” a program that feels “as close to the commentary that is happening in living rooms and on social media as possible,” according to Noah Callahan-Bever, the company’s chief content officer. And so, the fact that Arenas and Khalifa have made their biggest marks on social media in recent years? That’s a feature, not a bug.

Well, go ahead and look in the mirror everybody. Khalifa and Arenas fooled everybody, myself included. Hand up on my part. I have to own the fact that I fell into the trap. Not a good look at all.

I spoke with somebody after reading the piece from The Washington Post, and briefly discussed whether or not this show could be a success. He guaranteed guys would watch it for a variety of reasons, and after hearing his argument I was tempted to agree. Attractive women and sports has always been a relatively winning combination.

The funniest part about this whole things is the feud between Khalifa and fellow retired porn star Lisa Ann appears to be very much real, seeing as how she couldn’t possibly have had an idea as to what was going.

I also love how The Washington Post describes being the most popular porn star on the planet for a short time as “a brief dalliance with adult movies.” That’s spin zone 101 folks.

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