Did You Know There’s Such Thing As An All Edge Brownie Pan?

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Let’s be real here, the best part of a fresh batch of brownies are the corners. It’s too bad in a standard tray, there are only four pieces that have the perfect balance of gooey and crispy chocolate goodness. Or are there?

At long last, a solution has been found to make a brownie tray that is all edge pieces! This specialty brownie pan made by Baker’s Edge ensures that there is at least two edges to every brownie square. The pan fits most standard boxed brownie mixes, so there’s no need to re-adjust your recipes. Its silicone-based nonstick pan allows for easy brownie removal. The pan even comes with an addition of a spatula!

How could you ever make brownies again without this pan? (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $40, this special brownie pan is 10 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

Baker’s Edge Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan for $35.95

At an average of 4.5 stars from over 700 customer reviews, this all edge brownie pan is an Amazon favorite!

This pan is very high quality and exceeded my expectations! The brownies were soft in the middle but had the nice crunchy edges. It was easy to pour the brownie mix into the pan, and the coating on the pan made it so the brownies didn’t stick at all and it was very easy to clean. Also, it is American made, so that’s nice to support our economy with this purchase. – Zach Huebener, 5 stars

Baking brownies in this pan was sssooo much fun. It was quick and easy. Due to the non-stick coating the brownies were removed easily without any mess. The construction of this pan also made slicing the brownies and removing them a neat and clean experience. The edges of the brownies were exactly the way I like. Remember the brownies with the corner edges and the edges along the sides of the pan that you would try to get before anyone else could? This brownie pan gives you that edge throughout the brownie. I loved every thing this pan offers. From it’s light weight but yet heavy enough to give that perfect moist brownie.Clean up was also quick and easy. I used a dish sponge because I didn’t want to damage the coating.If you want the “Perfect Brownie Experience,” this edge brownie pan’s what you need. – Nita, 5 stars

If you’re as sold on this awesome baking tray as I am, you’ll be pleased to know it’s even on sale! For just $36, you’ll have a tray that will give you an entire batch of edge brownies!

Doesn't this look mouth-watering? (Photo via Amazon)

Doesn’t this look mouth-watering? (Photo via Amazon)

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