Gordon Hayward’s Season Might Be Over Already After Gruesome Injury

(Photo credit: Getty Images)

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Gordon Hayward’s first season with the Boston Celtics might be over already as the small forward went down with a gruesome injury just minutes into their season opener against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Tuesday night.

Hayward was coming down from an attempted alley-oop from Kyrie Irving when his left leg appeared to snap and a closer look from the cameras showed his ankle bent just above his shoe.

Everyone on the court immediately knew something bad had happened with players from both teams dropping to their knees.

Kevin Harlan, who was on the call for the game for the TNT broadcast, said what everyone was thinking right after seeing it happen.

“Oh my goodness. Hayward came down so hard. Hayward broke his leg. Hayward has broken his leg. Hayward has broken his leg.”

The Celtics huddled around their injured teammate during the injury timeout while murmurs echoed around the arena.

Hopefully the Celtics star will have a quick recovery and eventually be able to get back on the court.