CNN Correspondent: Some Dems Appreciate Lifted Gag Order [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN’s Dana Bash said Friday that some Democrats want to know the details of an FBI investigation into Russian bribery of U.S. energy interests.


The investigation began around the same time that the Clinton Foundation was receiving millions of dollars from Russian energy interests and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in a position to approve Russian energy deals. A gag order was lifted this week on an FBI informant who has details on the investigation.

While the informant could have damaging information regarding the Clintons and their alleged ties to Russia, Bash claimed that some Democrats are happy to hear what the informant knows.

“I’ve spoken to Democrats on that committee who say, ‘you know what, if there is a new piece of information let’s hear it,'” Bash said. “If this FBI informant…wants to talk to us about something let’s hear it.”

Bash did admit that Democrats are still primarily focused on possible collusion between Trump and Russia.

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