‘The View’ Blasts Kevin Spacey For Tying Homosexuality To Pedophilia

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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The ladies of “The View” blasted Kevin Spacey for coming out as gay after “Star Trek” actor Anthony Rapp’s pedophilia accusation against him.

Rapp said in a news story that the “House of Cards” star allegedly made a sexual advance toward him at a party when he was 14 years old. (RELATED: Kevin Spacey Responds To Pedophile Allegations From Actor By Coming Out As Gay)


“I think people tend to equate, wrongfully, homosexuality with pedophilia,” Sunny Hostin shared.

“It takes a lot to remind people these have nothing to do with each other,” Sarah Haines interjected. “So to hide under that and to say that was such an irresponsible, intellectually irresponsible thing to do. Your inclinations toward a 14-year-old have nothing to do with your sexual orientation. That is predatory behavior.”

“Why do you think he did that? Why did he link them up?” Hostin asked Joy Behar.

“To distract,” Behar responded. “He’s like [President Donald] Trump trying to distract with Uranium. Same thing. It’s a distraction [to] take your eye off the ball as they go, ‘Look at the squirrel over there.'”

“But even adding in the drunken part,” Haines interjected. “He couldn’t just say, ‘It might have been deeply inappropriate behavior.’ He had to add in, ‘Oh, I might have been effected by.'”

“The thing people are concerned about is that you know you can say, ‘Listen, I don’t remember it. It was 30 years ago and if it did happen, I’m sorry,'” Whoopi Goldberg shared. “But you don’t need to then say, ‘And oh, by the way, I’m going to live my life as a gay man.’ Because it does give that conversation that people like to have about gay people and pedophilia, it gives them a reason to hold on to it. So it was really a dumb thing to say.”

“Wanda Sykes said, ‘you don’t get to hide under the rainbow.’ You don’t get to come out and say you’re gay when you’ve also been accused of pedophilia at the same time,” Meghan McCain explained. “Part of the problem, though, as you were saying with the distraction … it worked. There were a lot of headlines all over the internet saying, ‘Kevin Spacey comes out as gay.’ It really did kind of work in his favor. … It just exacerbates … a really old stereotype from the ’50s about gay people about pedophilia, and it’s so dangerous, and it’s so intellectually dishonest.”

“Not a proud moment for Kevin Spacey,” Behar said.