University Of Michigan Gives Social Justice Warriors Free Room And Board To Investigate ‘Bias’

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The taxpayer-funded University of Michigan will give completely free room and board to 20 students who will be chosen to investigate “bias incidents” and to promote the latest politically correct language on campus.

The 20 students will each work 20 hours a week on the public school’s flagship Ann Arbor campus. Their duties will include publicizing the University of Michigan’s “Inclusive Language Campaign,” engaging in “bystander intervention” and contacting people who claim to be victims of “bias incidents.”

Assistant director of diversity and inclusion, Nicola Saliendra, confirmed the existence of the public school’s offer of free room and board in exchange for spreading social justice propaganda, reports Campus Reform.

Each of the 20 students participating in the program will be awarded the impressive title of “diversity peer educator.”

They will investigate and resolve “bias incidents” by contacting the alleged victims of such incidents and helping the victims to “rebuild the community” through “restorative justice principles.”

It’s not clear if “diversity peer educators” will also contact — or have the authority to contact — the alleged instigators of “bias incidents.”

In October, students at the University of Michigan reported 23 “bias incidents.”

Michigan’s 20 taxpayer-funded “diversity peer educators” will also host social justice-related trainings and other education programming in dormitories and other campus locales.

In addition, the 20 students will promote Michigan’s Inclusive Language Campaign. The point of the campaign is to prevent people from saying things some students find offensive.

In 2015, the University of Michigan spent over $16,000 on the campaign — enough money to cover a full-tuition scholarship at the school for a Michigan resident. (RELATED: University Of Michigan Spends 16,000 Promoting Latest Politically Correct Phrases)

The effort to police language marks a variety of words as unsuitable for the refined airs of the academy. Among the offenders are “insane,” “retarded,” “gay,” “ghetto” and even “illegal alien,” which offend the mentally ill, the disabled, gays, poor minorities and illegal immigrants, respectively.

Handy charts have been produced explaining why certain phrases are to be avoided. “That test raped me,” for instance, “carelessly diminishes the experience of survivors of sexual assault.” The innocuous phrase “I want to die” could apparently even have life-threatening implications, as it “can make survivors feel silenced by implying that self-harm is laughable or not a real problem.”

The University of Michigan is a notable leftist hothouse.

Last year, for example, the school’s taxpayer-funded president, Mark Schlissel, wrote in an email that he found it “ironic” when students who supported Donald Trump felt “marginalized and ostracized” on campus after the presidential election. (RELATED: University Of Michigan President Insults Trump Supporters In Emails He Tried To Hide)

In August, officials at the University of Michigan were looking to hire a new employee to oversee a “Bias Response Team” and “enact cultural appropriation prevention initiatives.” The full-time position — with the title of “bias incident prevention and response coordinator” — offered a starting salary between $46,000 and $57,000. (RELATED: Public University Famous For Trump Trauma Play-Doh Now Seeks ‘Cultural Appropriation’ Cop)

School officials also famously tried to let everyone choose their own pronouns last academic year. The effort was largely a failure. (RELATED: Conservative Student Is Now ‘HIS MAJESTY’ After University Of Michigan Lets Everyone Make Up Their Own Pronouns)

In recent years, over 230 American colleges and universities — 143 of them lavishly funded by taxpayers — have launched bias reporting systems encouraging students to report each other for incidents of offensive speech and other kinds of “bias.” The speech and conduct of some 2.84 million students in the United States are subject to evaluation under bias reporting systems, according to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE). (RELATED: The 12 DUMBEST EVER ‘Bias Incidents’ On America’s College Campuses)

The personnel who investigate student speech — usually called some variation of “bias response teams” — frequently includes law enforcement officials as well as school administrators and public relations staffers. Upon a finding of “guilty,” the teams of cops and bureaucrats summon students for hearings. These meetings are often intimidating and quasi-disciplinary.

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