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The Triple Exhale Is All About Muscle Memory

YouTube screenshot/VapeChilla

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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The Triple Exhale is similar to the “Dragon’s Breath” vape trick, which we explained how to do. They both sort of look the same, in that you blow multiple trails of vapor out of your mouth. The difference is that with the Dragon’s Breath, you exhale out of your nose simultaneously while exhaling out of your mouth. (It looks like a dragon breathing).

All tricks for the most part, start out the same way. First, you take a draw off your vape, but by doing a mouth inhale – not a lung inhale. By inhaling into your mouth only, it produces a thick, dense vapor when exhaled, opposed to vapor that dissipates when it passes through your lungs. The Triple Exhale starts this way as well, but can also be done using a direct lung inhale. The reason for this is that, there are no “O’s” being blown, or second steps to the trick, where you absolutely need thick vapor.

For this trick you do not need to know any other tricks to complete it. BUT, you do need some time and patience to pull it off. The trickster in the video says, it is all about “muscle memory.” In reading the steps below, it may come across as confusing, which is why I included the video for you to follow along.

Step 1. Take that draw off of your vape. Just inhale normally and exhale out of the middle of your mouth. In doing this, “you want to move your jaw a little bit backwards, so the stream of vapor is going directly down.”

Step 2. Smile slightly while exhaling that middle stream of vapor. This method will allow vapor to come out of either side of your mouth. This will produce 3 streams of vapor, The Triple Exhale!

Here are some tips to complete the Triple Exhale. You won’t need any tips unless you are having trouble with it. If you are in fact having trouble with getting 3 streams of vapor to appear, remember, focus on the middle one, then adjust the other two streams with your smile. If you are not getting any stream of vapor at all when you smile, it just means you are opening your mouth too much. A few tips to follow are below.

  1. Focus on keeping the middle stream of vapor, so when you smile, the other 2 streams should follow.
  2. Keep your lips loose, but not too loose, or too tight. This may take a few “guess and check” tries before it feels right. You want your lips just right, so that when you exhale, your lips open up.
  3. Make sure your lips are moist. If your lips stick to each other, it could cause the trick to go wrong.

You will notice once you start understanding this trick, you will realize the exact 2 points of your mouth that are touching (bottom lip to top lip). There will be 3 holes for vapor to escape from.

Important to note: It took the trickster a few days to learn how to teach it, so don’t get discouraged if it takes you longer than that to even complete the trick. Again, TIME and PATIENCE. I can throw in PRACTICE as well.

WATCH How To Triple Exhale: