ESPN Analyst Painfully Tries To Shame Tennessee Football Fans

(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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ESPN analyst and former Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy recently tried to shame Tennessee football fans, and it’s painful to watch.

Volunteers fans tried to get an “#EmptyNeyland” movement started on social media, which meant to empty out the Tennessee football stadium to show coach Butch Jones has lost the support of fans.

“To anyone associated with the #EmptyNeyland trend, you failed … You’re a disgrace to your fan base and your team,” McElroy told the ESPN audience.

Hardo alert! Dude plays a couple years of SEC football, and now he’s preaching over here like he’s Vince Lombardi. Calm down, buddy.

Tennessee sucks, their fans have every right to be pissed and they should do whatever it takes to make sure Jones never coaches another game. Obviously this probably wasn’t going to work. Nobody actually expected the stadium to get emptied out for Tennessee football games. People still go for the experience, and it doesn’t always matter what the record is.

McElroy pretending to be so righteous in this video is laughable. It’s a football game, and the team blows. Let the fans revolt if they want to.

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