Here’s A Naturally Incredible Take About Mascots From Mike Leach

(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Washington State football coach Mike Leach had another terrific opinion session during a Monday press conference, and this one involved his opinions on college mascots.

Leach said the following about college mascots when the question was raised.

First of all, there should be more sharks if you’re by an ocean. That tiger at LSU — that’s a live real tiger sitting in there in some metal structure he clearly could rip his way out of if he wanted to, even half wanted to — that’s an awesome one. The buffalo at Colorado…that’s an awesome one. There’s a place in Kansas called Pitt State. I used to see it on film, but we didn’t play them. They’re the Gorillas. There should be a lot more gorillas for mascots. Because think about it, a gorilla can whip a lot of stuff, you know? The students and everybody — when it came time for the opponent to come out, they’d play ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ … just blaring. The visiting team would come through the tunnel and they’d all be hurling bananas at the visiting team. You’d see bananas everywhere … bananas bouncing off helmets, bananas just flying through the air. And that was ‘Welcome to Pitt State,’ because you’re about to play the gorillas. How bout that?

How can you not love Leach? The guy is the most open book we’ve ever had in sports. Nick Saban would walk out of a press conference if he was asked about college mascots, and Leach gives a lecture about how we need more sharks and gorillas. It sounds like the former Texas Tech coach being the college football mascot czar would be incredible for America.

We need at least one crazy question for Leach to answer during every press conference. It has to happen because this stuff never gets old.

Here’s another golden one from the same press conference where he compared getting pulled over in Iowa to the targeting rule.

I might cry when Leach retires, whenever that will be. It’s such a sad and depressing thought to know that someday these stories won’t be there anymore for us to enjoy. This guy is so unreal he managed to give two pieces of internet gold in the same press conference. Most coaches don’t get that many in a decade long career.

Leach is the college football hero we all need, even if he’s not the one we deserve.

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