Samantha Hoopes Burns Down The Internet With This Topless Photo

David Hookstead | Reporter

Model Samantha Hoopes lit up the internet Thursday morning with a wild topless photo.

Hoopes shared a topless picture of herself at the beach, and even shared her morning routine for all of her fans.

“Mornings are my favorite love to get up, make a coffee or recently hot water with lemon and ginger and go outside to reflect on my life… write down 10 things that am thankful for and it’s really been helping me manifest my life and put things into perspective. Whatever you are going through will pass and make you strong it’s all about how you recover and move on that defines you,” the superstar model wrote on the photo.

Never change Samantha, never change. The men on the internet are certainly big fans of your morning routine, even if it doesn’t include a top.

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