CNN Host: Would Trump Believe It If ‘Something Happened To Ivanka’? [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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During a discussion about allegations against Roy Moore Wednesday, CNN host Brooke Baldwin asked whether President Trump would believe Ivanka Trump if “something happened” to her.


Baldwin said, “We heard [Trump] over and over as he was leaving town this time yesterday, right, and he was talking to reporters and the word he kept saying was well, ‘Roy Moore is denying it, he’s denying it, he’s denying it,’ and so he’s obviously, ‘well, alright if he’s denying it, I’m going to believe Roy Moore.'”

She continued, “And I’m wondering, if it were his daughter, heaven forbid, where something happened, and he’s obviously not believing the women in the Roy Moore case, if something happened to Ivanka Trump, would he believe her?”

Another panelist, Wall Street Journal reporter Shelby Holliday, replied, “My mind went there as well, maybe because we are females but every older man I’ve talked to who has a daughter is so bothered by these allegations.”

“Whether or not they are true, we will never 100 percent be able to prove them, but almost everyone says ‘we believe the women and this is deeply, deeply troubling,’ so as a father it’s–it was shocking for people that he undermined Ivanka. He also undermined the RNC, he undermined Republicans in congress. This is something we’ve seen Trump do with his own administration…”

“Playing to his base,” Baldwin interjected.

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