Rick Perry In Saudi Arabia Looks Like The Happiest Man On The Planet

David Hookstead | Reporter

Some images are circulating around the internet of Secretary of Energy Rick Perry during a trip to Saudi Arabia, and they are awesome.

CNN reporter Miranda Green posted three photos, and not a single one of them is disappointing.

In one of the photos he managed to find himself a sword and a full Saudi-style outfit.

Look at that guy’s face. He is absolutely loving life. I think we should let Perry do a little less work as the Sec. of Energy and just spend a lot more time traveling the world to take awesome photos.

Most people probably want to get out of the Middle East as soon as the plane touches down, but I’m not sure Perry even wanted to leave. Does a man who takes a barefoot picture on a hill of sand sound like a guy who’s not absolutely crushing it in life?

We might have missed out big on a Rick Perry presidency because I’m sure that would have been awesome, too. At least we’ll always have these awesome photos.

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