Liberals Love GOP Tax Plan — As Long As They Think It’s Bernie’s [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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A recent video demonstrated just how much liberals love the new GOP tax cuts — when they’re told they’re a part of Bernie Sanders’ plan.


Conservative comedian Ami Horowitz approached people on the streets of New York City and asked them whether they liked parts of the Republican tax cut plan.

BUT he told them it was Bernie Sanders’ plan.

Many responded positively to what he had to say.

“I find them to be good for the most part,” one man said about the tax plan.

“Seems like a good thing” another said.

Many were surprised to learn that those details were included in the GOP plan.

“Well, why aren’t they showcasing those aspects of it?” one man asked.

Other videos have demonstrated that many Americans like Republican proposed policies when told that it’s from Democrats. A video from Campus Reform demonstrated that millennials like many of the details of Trump’s tax plan when told it was Bernie’s.  (RELATED: Millennials LOVE Bernie’s Tax Plan…Until They’re Told It’s Trump’s)

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