Van Jones: It Would Be ‘Global Emergency’ If 50% Of People Around Any Other President Thought He Was Unstable [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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CNN commentator Van Jones said Sunday that it would be a “global emergency” if 50 percent of people around any other president thought he was unstable, alluding to questions about President Trump’s mental health.


Jones, appearing on, “State of the Union With Jake Tapper” said, “Can I say something about the unfitness question though? Because, listen, it’s not 100%. But in any other situation, if 50 percent of the people around a president were concerned that he was not fit to do the job, that would be a global emergency. I think sometimes we just adapt to the absurdity here.” (RELATED: CNN Gives Van Jones His Own Show)

He added, “The fact that anybody close to the president has those concerns, there’s now a movement among psychiatrists and other people to figure out how do we intervene here, what can we possibly do, because we could be looking back saying the warning signs were there and we did not do enough.” (RELATED: Obama Official Attacks Trump For Treatment Of Press- Spicer Reminds Him How Obama Treated Fox News)

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