INSTANT JUSTICE: Security Guard Beats Gunman Like A Rag Doll [VIDEO]

Liam Clancy Reporter
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A security guard beat the snot out of a gunman attempting to rob a store, a video posted to LiveLeak Friday shows.

The gunman is beaten to an absolute pulp by the astute guard, and multiple camera angles capture the entire encounter.


The video begins with the criminal entering the store, gun drawn. He’s then instantly jumped by the guard as he attempts to enter the store, pushed out the door, and then slammed into the pavement like a doll — not once, but twice.

The criminal then flees the scene of the attempted crime after receiving his vicious beating.

Sadly this is one of those context-free LiveLeak videos, so we have no further details about this excellent case of instant justice.

There’s some audio from the guy filming the security tape, so I like to believe it’s the guard himself enjoying his handiwork.

He deserves to relive the spectacle for sure.


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Liam Clancy