World Economic Forum Founder Praises Trump For Cutting Taxes As Democrats Call Them ‘Crumbs’

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Donald Trump has been well-received during his trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, a trend that continued Friday.

Trump held bilateral meetings with other world leaders and hosted a dinner with European business leaders and CEOs where various business leaders praised the economic boom caused by the passage of historic GOP tax cuts and pledged billions of further investment in the US economy.

Friday morning, Trump gave the keynote address to the 3,000 business leaders gathered in the main hall at Davos. He was introduced by German economist Klaus Schwab, the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum. Schwab gave Trump a warm introduction thanking the president for his attendance before diving unexpectedly into a comment on US domestic tax policy. Schwab roundly praised Trump for passing tax cuts in the states and giving a “boost” to the global economy. He said:

On behalf of the business leaders here in this room, let me particularly congratulate you for the historic tax reform package passed last month, greatly reducing the tax burden of US companies, fostering job creation, as well as stimulating economic growth in the united states and also providing tremendous boost to the world economy.

During his speech, Trump revisited his tax reform bill. POTUS boomed about the roaring American economy and told the European elites that “Now is the perfect time to bring your business, your jobs, and your investments to the United States of America.”

According to the official Forum transcript:

The American economy is by far the largest in the world and we’ve just enacted the most significant tax cuts and reform IN AMERICAN HISTORY.

We massively cut taxes for the middle class and small businesses to let working families keep more of their hard-earned money.

We lowered our corporate tax rate from 35 percent, all the way down to 21 percent. As a result, millions of workers have received tax cut bonuses from their employers in amounts as large as three thousand dollars. The tax cut bill is expected to raise the average American’s household income by more than four thousand dollars.

And the world’s largest company, Apple, announced it will bring $245 BILLION DOLLARS in overseas profits home to America. Their total investment into the United States economy will be more than $350 billion over the next five years.

Now is the perfect time to bring your business, your jobs, and your investments to the United States of America.

For their part, key Democrats have spent the week calling the bonuses, pay raises and tax breaks American workers received on behalf of the GOP tax reform bill “crumbs” and dismissing them outright.


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