Democratic Strategist Compares Deporting Dreamers To ‘Trail Of Tears’ [VIDEO]

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Democratic strategist Robin Biro said on Fox Business Monday that deporting Dreamers would be a “modern day trail of tears.”


Fox Business’ Trish Regan asked Biro about whether Democrats will reject a path to citizenship for almost 2 million people in the country illegally because they object to wall funding.

“Robin, I don’t know how a Democrat is going to be able to look their constituency in the eye if in fact they don’t go for this, and as a result, there are people sent from the country, children may be sent from the country,” she said.

“How do they say, ‘Well, we just didn’t want any money for the wall?'”

“No, you’re exactly right, Trish,” Biro responded. “And I called this before. This would be the modern day Trail of Tears. There would be stories, very emotional, gripping, powerful stories of these people who have been contributing to our communities, being ripped from their homes and sent to places they are completely unfamiliar with. We can’t afford that as Democrats. Republicans can’t afford it either.” (RELATED: Chelsea Handler: White Women Voting For Trump ‘Made Me Sick To My Stomach’ [VIDEO])

“We’ll have to try and find some way to work together. This has really just been a hyper-partisan issue. It needs to be dialed back a notch. I know Democrats will be holding his feet to the fire when it comes to border wall funding because he said that Mexico was going to pay. And he has not given a very good, clear understanding of exactly how that will be. So there will be more questions, but I am still confident that at the end of the day we’ll come out with a solution, Trish.” (RELATED: Ann Coulter And Tucker Dissect The ‘Phony Polls’ On Immigration [VIDEO])

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