Trevor Noah’s Take On Hillary Clinton’s Grammys Cameo May Surprise You

(Photo credit: screenshot/YouTube The Daily Show)

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Trevor Noah is one of several celebrities who couldn’t resist taking a shot at Trump during the Grammys on Sunday night, but his take on Hillary Clinton’s cameo was surprising.

The New York Times published a story on Friday exposing Hillary Clinton for keeping one of her top advisers on staff after he sexually harassed a female staffer. Clinton was aware of the accusations, but kept the campaign adviser and re-assigned the staffer. The Grammys ran on the theme of supporting the “Time’s Up” and “Me Too,” and Noah made sure to address the hypocrisy of the former presidential candidate’s cameo during his show Monday night.

“Look, there’s a few areas that I don’t necessarily expect Hillary Clinton to nail it,” Noah began. “Managing emails, visiting Wisconsin, you know, weaknesses. But I won’t lie, I expected standing up for a woman on her staff to be one of her strengths. So, the story is disturbing. Hillary learned that one of her female staffers was being harassed and instead of the man getting fired, the woman got reassigned?”

Noah also criticized Clinton’s response to the bombshell report, which came nowhere close to an apology.

“Yeah, ‘women deserve to be heard,’” Noah quipped, “and then quietly reassigned.”

“It feels like Hillary’s not only trying to dodge all the blame, she wants to present herself as having always been on this woman’s side, which doesn’t fly,” Noah continued, “Because not only did the woman get reassigned, but this guy, Burns Strider, he went on to get another job in Democratic politics—where he got fired for doing the same thing to other women. So you could argue that if Hillary had fired him, she would have been protecting many women, instead of just herself.”