She Voted For Obama Twice Before Choosing Trump. Why Antonia Okafor Made The Switch

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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Antonia Okafor voted for Barack Obama twice for president before supporting Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

Why the switch? The issues.

Okafor, founder of the guns rights movement EmPOWERed and a campus carry spokeswoman for the National Rifle Association, explained her decision in a Daily Caller Newsmakers interview with Julia Nista.


“A lot of things that I thought, especially as a black person, that would improve after voting for [Obama] didn’t improve. In fact, it got worse,” Okafor said.

“I knew that [Trump] was a businessman, and for me that was always something that was something that I related to first and most,” she continued.

When discussing black leadership in the media and in Congress, Okafor said, “I think it’s just this identity politics that’s really, particularly with the black community, I feel like hurting our community because we are talking about ‘is this person racist’ or ‘is this person not racist,’ but we’re not really talking about what’s important.”

“All of these people, these black leaders seem to be in total disconnect with what you’re saying. So it seems to me that they are so intent on using this idea of racial divide in order to further their political agenda, when really they’re not looking at the policies that the current administration and that Republicans in Congress are trying to put forward in order to help black communities like you were saying,” Nista commented.

“Absolutely,” Okafor said.

“I wish the black community would see that they’re better off having more of an independent viewpoint when it comes to politics,” she continued. “Just because you’re a Democrat does not mean that the party is for you as a black person. And I’m trying to get against that narrative because it’s literally killing us. It’s really making us stuck in this cycle of poverty and this cycle of crime in places that have been overrun and have been overruled by Democratic policies for decades.”

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