Ruhle: Investors Reacted To Dow Dip Like A ‘Barbed Wire Thong’

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle said on Tuesday that investors reacted to the recent dip in the stock market like they were “wearing a barbed wire thong.”


The Dow had its largest single day drop in points on Monday after a year filled with with historic gains and record closes. While some panicked at the drop, analysts noted that, percentage-wise, the market was just entering a much-needed correction period after unfettered growth. (RELATED: Acosta Compares Dow Drop To 2008 Financial Crisis)

Ruhle bashed traders who believed that the market would continue rising without volatility, and said the drop was “devastating” for them. (RELATED: Stephanie Ruhle Had The Time Of Her Life Saying ‘Penis’ On MSNBC This Morning)

“Suddenly when volatility ticks back into the market, those guys who were short volatility took it like they were wearing a barbed wire thong,” she said, throwing in the gross-sounding metaphor. “It was devastating.” (RELATED: Ruhle And Democratic Guest Discuss ‘Brass Balls’) 

“Ouch!” her cohost Ali Velshi chimed in.

“Well that’s exactly what it is!” she responded with a smile.

“I’m just gonna leave it there. We can let that barbed wire thong thing sink in,” Velshi chided.

Ruhle promised Velshi she would try to find a “different metaphor” next time.

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