Newly Released 911 Audio Proves Gronk Is A Treasure To Humanity

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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As if his team’s loss on Sunday wasn’t bad enough, Rob Gronkowski came home after Super Bowl LII to find his house completely robbed on Monday.

According to the Boston Globe, the Pats All-World tight end returned to find “multiple safes and possible guns taken.”

This obviously prompted a call to the police and an ensuing investigation, but nobody thought the general public would ever be allowed to listen in on Gronk’s 911 call. We just thought Gronk and the police handled the situation, took the L, and moved on. But oh how we were mistaken.

Because Gronk’s 911 call has just been released on Twitter and it gives us two very important reminders.

One, that we should all stop complaining about 2018 because we have a modern marvel called the internet, and it gives us lots of incredible information like Kylie’s baby name announcement and Gronk’s 911 call.

And two, that Rob Gronkowski is truly a gift to us from the heavens above. Listen in.

What 911 operator doesn’t want to hear that friendly “Hello, this isn’t an emergency, this is just Rob Gronkowski calling?” He’s cool as a cucumber, totally unwavering. He also never clarifies how important he is or how upset he might be. He just says the robbery happened “while I was on the Super Bowl trip.” Not something like “while I was playing in my third Super Bowl and this needs to be fixed immediately.” He just takes it in stride. I’m sure he even offered to help the police when they arrived on scene.

This also proves that Gronk is gonna be just fine, whatever he does. Whether he stays a few more years in the NFL or the rumors prove to be true and he retires forever, Gronk’s attitude basically guarantees he’ll be successful. It’s tough not to rise to the top when you’re a two time Super Bowl champ who also happens to have a huge family full of spectacular business ideas and a potentially bright future in acting.

Who could say no to this raw talent?

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