This 3-Pack Of Keychain Pocket Knives Is Less Than $12

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Are you looking for another pocket knife to add to your collection? Maybe you just need something that is small enough to fit on your keychain but still gets tough jobs done? With the Keychain Pocket Knives: 3-Pack, round out your collection with an everyday pocket knife that you can carry all the time.

Normally $24, this 3-pack of pocketknives is 49 percent off

Normally $24, this 3-pack of pocket knives is 49 percent off

Keychain Pocket Knives: 3-Pack on sale for $11.99

This lightweight pocket knife comes in handy in several different ways. Not only can you cut through tough material on the fly just by reaching for your keychain, but you also can tighten nuts and bolts at a moment’s notice as if it were a hex wrench. Even cooler, this pocket knife functions as a bottle opener, so when you are done with a tough day’s work or just hanging out with friends on the weekend, you always can open beer bottles in a breeze.

Here is how the pocket knife you — and possibly two of your friends or family members — will get pans out. It has a blade length of 1.97″, a blade width of 0.67″, an overall length of 4.61″, and a folded length of 2.83″ which altogether means it snugly fits on any keychain.

Pick up the Keychain Pocket Knives: 3-Pack for $11.99, 49 percent off its original price, in The Daily Caller Shop.

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