Tomi Lahren On Shooting: We Need ‘More Jesus, More God, More Prayer, And More Compassion’

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Conservative pundit Tomi Lahren is defending those who think thoughts and prayers are a good thing after a mass shooting.


“You want a solution? Truth is, maybe there isn’t one,” she said.

“Evil will always be in this world. And evil people will always find evil ways to do evil things. The solution isn’t to start stripping away rights. What we ought to do is make it easier for law enforcement to engage and evaluate individuals who exhibit warning signs, like making graphic threats online, or posting disturbing images,” she said.

“You know, thoughts and prayers might seem laughable to some of you. But maybe, just maybe, more Jesus, more God, more prayer and more compassion is what we are missing.” (RELATED: Tomi Lahren To Dreamers Threatening To Leave — ‘Okay, Bye!’)

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