Obama Official: We’re Under ‘Live Attack’ From Russia


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Obama White House official Samantha Vinograd knocked President Trump for “doing nothing” about Russia, while downplaying her former boss’s own inaction on the issue.


Vinograd, who served as the senior advisor to the national security advisor, claimed on CNN that the debate on how to respond to Russian election meddling shouldn’t be about what “we did or didn’t do.”

President Trump has repeatedly slammed Obama for doing “nothing” about Russia, and even praised Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff for saying that Obama’s response to meddling was insufficient.

However, Vinograd quickly shifted blame for the situation back to Trump.

“It’s clear that he has a massive inferiority complex about how he won this election,” Vinograd said. “That’s clear from all of his tweets, every public statement that he makes and he’s not fulfilling his job as president, to state the obvious.”

“He’s so focused on his own narcissism that we’re pointing fingers, we’re stuck in the postgame here about what Obama did or didn’t do, rather than saying, ‘okay, they meddled, what are we going to do now?'” she continued.

“We’re under live attack, Wolf, and we’re doing nothing,” she declared.

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