Even Jimmy Kimmel Knows You ‘Don’t Take Risks’ With The National Anthem

(Photo credit: screenshot/YouTube Jimmy Kimmel Live)

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Jimmy Kimmel may say a lot of stupid stuff, but even he will admit that Fergie’s national anthem performance was awful and all the proof anyone needs to know you “don’t take risks” when you sing it.

The “Glamorous” singer belted out one of the worst renditions of the “Star-Spangled Banner” in our nation’s history at the NBA All-Star game on Sunday. It was so bad that Kimmel, who was caught on camera holding back laughter in the crowd, is still joking about it two days later.

“I just want to say the reason I was smiling is because I love the national anthem so much,” Kimmel joked. “In hindsight, trying to work in the words ‘my humps my humps, my lovely lady lumps’ may have been a mistake. I didn’t realize I was on camera,” he added.

“Fergie even apologized for her performance,” Kimmel said with a laugh. “She said she tried her best and the reason she decided to sing the song that way is because she’s a ‘risk taker.’ Which, here’s the thing about taking risks. When it comes to the national anthem: Don’t. Just don’t,” Kimmel said.

“Don’t take risks when you’re doing brain surgery, don’t take risks driving a school bus – or singing the national anthem. Just regular is fine.”

Kimmel continued joking about Fergie’s performance saying maybe Francis Scott Key wanted the national anthem to be sexy when he wrote it, in which case Fergie delivered.

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