Lamar Jackson Can Absolutely Play Quarterback In The NFL

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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The idea that former Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson can’t play quarterback in the NFL is laughable.

I don’t really understand where all this anti-Jackson sentiment has come from, but it’s absurd. The guy can straight up play football. Sure, he might need to put on some weight, but that hardly disqualifies him from playing quarterback in the NFL.

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Let’s not forget that this dude won the Heisman and scored 119 combined touchdowns in three years of college football. He also has lightning speed and quickness when he decides to tuck it and run. How can anybody look at his game film and think he needs to switch positions? Give me a break. I question the football credibility of anybody who makes arguments against him and actually believes them.

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Lamar Jackson will be a quarterback in the NFL. That’s simply a fact. Now, I have no idea how good of a quarterback he’ll be. He could get hurt or struggle with a variety of different things. Don’t forget that most quarterbacks don’t cut it in the NFL. That’s simply the truth.

However, let’s not try to pretend that Jackson doesn’t have all the physical tools necessary to play at the next level. He absolutely does.

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