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According to Wikipedia, pillows have been in use since 7,000 BC. After over nine millennia of history, you wouldn’t expect much innovation anymore; you’d think they’d have pillows pretty much figured out by now. Yet this is America. In the mid-2000s, Minnesota native Michael Liddell invented a polyurethane foam bed pillow that has since gripped the nation. (I’m sure you’ve seen his commercials).

Now, MyPillow has released a pillow that uses 100 percent Giza-88 cotton. (This Egyptian cotton only part of the pillow that is not made or assembled in America). The Giza Series pillow is the #1 new release among pillows on Amazon. And today only, it is 59 percent off:

Normally $90, this #1 new pillow is 59 percent off today (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $90, this #1 new pillow is 59 percent off today (Photo via Amazon)

MyPillow Giza Series Bed Pillow, Lavender, Standard/Queen on sale for $36.99

What are polyurethane foam pillows like? I’ll let Belinda G. describe:

My husband mentioned a few weeks back that he wanted to try this pillow. I did some research and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how shredded polyurethane foam could be comfortable – not to mention so expensive. BUT, my hubby works very hard so I decided that if he wanted it he would have it.
I bought both the pillow and a case made for it. Out of the package it tells you to put pillow in the dryer for 15 minutes. I was surprised how this pillow went from a little rolled up tube to this big pillow. My husband loved it from the very first night. He says that his head doesn’t feel hot during the night and oddly enough he feels he has perfect head support. So, it has improved his sleep – and I’m happy for that! The pillow case comes with two pillow cases in a package. They wrinkle quite easily but whatever – as long as he’s happy – so am I.

Richie C implores, “Take time to get used to it and you will never turn back”:

Would Richie C lead you astray? I don’t think so.

MyPillow (Photo via Shutterstock)

MyPillow (Photo via Shutterstock)

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