Meghan McCain Drops Truth Bomb About The Clintons [VIDEO]

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter

Meghan McCain dropped a truth bomb on her co-hosts Tuesday when she called Bill and Hillary Clinton a “virus in the Democratic party.”

The comments came during a panel discussion on “The View” about the comments the former secretary of state made in India over the weekend as she, once again, rehashed why she lost the 2016 election to President Donald Trump, blaming “married white women.”

Sarah Haines was first up and asked “why are we still talking about the campaign” and wondered why Clinton was looking back instead of forward at the problems the country’s facing.

“She ran one of the worst campaigns ever,” McCain responded. “She didn’t do the ground game in Wisconsin and North Carolina that she should have. I think at this point, if you can’t stop making this about virtue signaling and race. A lot of it was about poverty. A lot of it was about the economy. A lot of it was just this anti-washington sentiment.. anti-establishment sentiment we should have seen growing with the tea party. She’s blaming married white women…”

Joy Behar responded that Clinton got 3 million more votes than Trump and McCain let her have it.

“Is that the commentary of someone who feels good about themselves in their lives and their future,” McCain said. “We had Chelsea Clinton on last week. The Clintons are very omnipresent in politics still right now. If your messaging is that you want to go back in time, that women can’t speak for themselves, that our husbands and our bosses and our sons tell us what to do – that’s quite the message going forward into midterms and general elections.”

Then things really got heated after co-host Sunny Hostin claimed that Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan was a “dog whistle” to her.

“But I have got to tell you some hard truths.” McCain explained. “The Clintons are a virus in the Democratic party. You have to move on. If this is your messaging going into 2020. Joy agrees.”

“I thought it was time for them to back off right now, right now,” Behar replied. “I don’t think they’re helping the party right now.”

“Bill Clinton with his me too…,” McCain interjected. “As Joy and I talk about often off camera. Politics is a street fight. You want to win, this message is losing. You just lost an important election to a reality television star. If the Democratic party is the party of the Clintons, your dead in the water– we’re going to have Trump for another four years..eight years.”