Dana Loesch Slams Walkouts Blaming Trump, NRA

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch slammed Wednesday’s gun protests for blaming President Trump and the NRA for the Parkland shooting.

In a Thursday interview with Fox News, Loesch argued that the walkouts were focused on the wrong target, citing the many failures of law enforcement officials that led up to the shooting.


“Trump wasn’t the one down in Parkland not paying attention to the 45 calls, nor were any gun owners who are NRA members,” she reminded viewers.

Loesch also took time to knock Parkland Sheriff Scott Israel, asserting that Wednesday was a good day for him because it drew attention away from his incompetency. (RELATED: Grassley Tears Into Broward County Sheriff For Skipping Senate Hearing)

“Sheriff Israel had the best day yesterday because nobody was talking about him,” Loesch said. “I think that is how he wants it. No one was talking about his incompetency. No one was talking about his failure to stand up for those kids by answering the 45 calls that came into his department, including calls from the murderer’s mother herself, who was even warning law enforcement this murderer put a gun to her head before.”

Finally, Loesch slammed the school for not following up on the tips they had collected on the school shooter, including those when he expressed his violent fantasies to his therapists.

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