Cheating On Your Spouse Is Apparently Super Popular These Days

Ashley Madison (Credit: Shutterstock)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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The adultery-themed website is apparently seeing a bunch of new female members.

The New York Post wrote the following:

Ashley Madison, the hookup site for cheating spouses that was knocked off its pins in 2015 after a disastrous data breach, claims 5.7 million new users registered on the site this year — and that slightly more than 50 percent of its active users are women.

That total is down from the nearly 7.2 million new users who signed up in 2016, the company said, although US revenue soared 17 percent, according to fresh data.

This makes absolutely no sense to me. How does somebody even create this website, and then look themselves in the mirror at night knowing they’re destroying marriages. Is this where we’re at in America? It’s really a sad state of affairs if cheating is no big deal, and revenue is rising for Ashley Madison.

If you want to cheat on your wife/husband, why wouldn’t you just leave them? Instead, these idiots decide to break their hearts, lie to them, cheat on them and leave a digital footprint. Complete morons. I hate to sound a bit mean here, but unfaithful people should be publicly outed. Shaming them seems like the best way to deal with clowns on Ashley Madison.

Be a man about it if you want to be single and just break it off. The moral decay of this country makes my heart weep.

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