Jeff Sessions Gets Time Magazine Cover Story, But No One Can Get Past That Photo

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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On Thursday morning, TIME released a new issue featuring Attorney General Jeff Sessions. But the advertised in-depth interview is getting very little attention due to the apparently distracting nature of the cover photo.

MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin, among others, suggested that a TIME cover might spark jealousy from the White House and was indicative that Sessions’ tenure was coming to an end.

Others felt that the unflattering nature of the photo was likely intentional and constituted unnecessary editorializing.

And there were plenty who made comparisons to characters such as Gollum and the crypt-keeper, claiming that the photo just made Sessions look evil.

For those who did make it past the photo, the interview dug into Sessions’ tenure as Attorney General, focusing primarily on his efforts to “unwind the Obama Justice Department’s policies” in rapid fashion.

He canceled the “smart on crime” initiative and replaced it with a directive to pursue maximal charging and sentencing. He pulled out of the consent decrees and rescinded Holder’s hands-off marijuana-enforcement policy. He announced the end of DACA, stepped up deportation orders and sued California over sanctuary cities. He has embraced Trump’s call to impose the death penalty on some drug dealers, which some legal scholars consider unconstitutional.

In spite of continued staff shake-ups in the White House, Sessions appeared to shrug off rumors that his own position might be in danger. He defended his willingness to defy President Trump, saying that all leaders should be wary of those who appear to be the most loyal. “It is they who will lead you astray.”