MSNBC Analyst: Fox News ‘Spews Forth Daily A Toxin Into The American Body Politic’

Justin Caruso Contributor
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MSNBC analyst and anti-Trump Republican Steve Schmidt attacked Fox News Thursday, accusing the network of spewing a toxin into the American body politic” on a daily basis.


“Steve Schmidt, you and I have had a lot of talks about both of these subjects, about the power of these kids,” MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace said.

“We talked in the first days after the shooting about just this, the NRA and its defenders having met their match in these kids. But we’ve also had darker conversations about what Fox News has become and I wonder if you can weigh in on both planks,” she added.

“Well, Fox News has become a propaganda network,” Schmidt responded. “It exists in an alternate reality. It spews forth daily a toxin into the American body politic. It purposefully monetizes division in the country.”

“And so, when you see Fox News hosts routinely now calling for senior officials at the Department of Justice or in the intelligence communities to be locked up, the daily assault on institutions, the rule of law, the use of completely crazy alternate reality conspiracy theories as justifications for all of it, we’ve never seen in any of our lifetimes an American television–ostensibly a news network, do something like that.”

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